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Bjørn Clasen

Career, creativity and communication coach

I coach: international organisation employees and job-seekers (for example the European Union); small and big entrepreneurs; actors and speakers

Who want to: become even better and more confident in their presentations, or give in-a-nutshell presentations for audiences who have little time.

Location: Luxembourg

Languages: English, French, German and Danish

My favourite presentation tip: "Focus on your audience and what’s in it for them!"

Background: I have 15 years experience with internal and external communication, marketing and promotion in the European Union. This, together with my three great passions: theatre acting, travelling and psychology, has equipped me with not only the famous ‘solid background’ but also a pragmatic and very hands-on approach to helping people on different levels in improving their presentation and other communication skills. For example, that last sentence was far too long. How can we do it better? Together!

I have a personalised and informal approach, based on mutual trust — and on fun where it fits. I’m looking forward to working with you. In English, en français, auf Deutsch, eller måske endda på dansk…


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