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Sarah Lee Beaven

Business and personal coach and trainer who specializes in effective communication

I coach: Corporate Leaders/ Professionals and Retail sales consultants and managers, Workshop facilitators and coaches. Male and Female. www.successcoachforwomen. com

Who want to: improve their communication/speaking skills and increase their confidence in inspiring their teams, lead meetings/workshops for impact, results and involvement, and/or want to present a product or service using the "art of engagement".

Location: New Hampshire , USA

Languages: English

My favourite presentation tip: “Less is more” & “Let it land”

Background: I’m Sarah Lee Beaven. I am an American woman who is originally from south eastern Virginia, however, I have lived a steady nomadic life for work and pleasure over the last 25 years traveling all around the U.S. along with a few fun adventures to Bali, Ireland and Jamaica. I am a life and business coach who serves sales consultants, entrepreneurs and managers, as well as retail companies (I have a special affection for the home furnishings industry) and corporations who want to support their sales and management teams. My background lends itself perfectly to being a PresentationGym coach. As a ballet dancer and stage actor, I’ve learned that presentation is everything. These mediums have been confidence builders and have empowered me to coach others. I have created, produced and delivered countless workshops and I am known for my ability to give honest feedback in a way that people readily understand and can, therefore, instantly apply. I have worked with groups and one-on-one to teach new skills and sharpen established skills for all levels of management, including CEOs and VPs of companies who want to “walk their talk.” My partner and I recently moved to New Hampshire where the winters are brutal and only the hardy dare go. It looks like snow is in my future, and therefore, cross-country skiing and flying snowballs.


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