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Jean Hooks

Executive coach, presentation skills & communications coach

I coach: CEOs, Senior Executives, Directors, Expatriates, Local Executives in International Organizations and Entrepreneurs

Who want to: become even more successful in how they drive their business, motivate their teams, negotiate through transactions, influence people, manage conflicts and express themselves effectively in either formal presentations or daily communications.

Location: Munich, Germany

Languages: English, French, Japanese

My favourite presentation tip: "Presentation is not an Art – It’s a collection of specific behaviors by the presenter who is very aware of himself, delivering the simple essence of a message and call-to-action, targeted to an audience that he/she anticipates, using a vehicle that crisp

Background: My name is Jean and I’m a unique blend cultures and competencies born out of growing up in a fact-paced international environment. I’m a coach with 23 years of corporate experience, living/working as an expatriate for most of my life (Japan, Philippines, USA, France, Germany: 24 years internationally, 20 years USA). Succeeding in this environment means anticipating, adapting, and communicating effectively to influence and motivate people, something I have lived and breathed all my life. Change is hard, especially when one is successful. My fulfillment comes from seeing a person accomplish something they didn’t think possible, in a safe confidential space with unconditional support without judgment. There is nothing compared to this feeling for me. People describe me as focused, flexible, tough with a warm heart. Clients feel supported and nurtured, at the same time, they find that I am relentless in moving them forward to achieve their goals. I love to explore medieval villages and ancient wonders. I try to capture their essence as an avid photographer, yet a picture is only a fraction of the beauty experienced. I have two teenagers learning to fly on their own, and two Samoyeds that keep me outdoors each day. I am a Buddhist in philosophy which has given me strength and perspective through difficult transitions in my life. An avid reader, I enjoy getting lost in a captivating novel or reflecting on something that has awakened my mind. Examples of presentation and communication engagements: enhancing presentations at Senior Management or Board-Level, presentations to International Markets, Local Executives presenting to International Parent Companies, Large Company Kick-off Meetings, Customer and Media Presentations. Additionally, one-on-one direct communications to express yourself in crisp, concise and influential manner. Testimonial I have been working with Jean on improving my presentation skills over a period of 9 weeks. The results that I achieved were above my expectations: she helped me to push myself to improve my presentation skills significantly, and in addition, she stretched me to explore different styles of presenting that further increased my confidence in versatility. From the onset, we defined clear goals that she helped me keep in sight throughout the whole process. Next, her observation, analysis and feedback increased my awareness, bringing even more areas of improvement to light. And finally, she not only focused on my developmental needs but she spent as much time highlighting my strengths, offering me ways in which I can leverage them to take myself to the next level. I wanted to share how it was like to work with Jean during our engagement. I truly enjoyed her coaching philosophy: immediately as we started, she focused on building a relationship together. She is open, candid, personal and authentic, which was very important to gain my acceptance and to have a constructive working relationship. Her feedback was immediate, clear and well structured: first - always giving feedback on my requested focal areas, second - additional offerings that opened my eyes, and third - highlights of my strengths with offerings on how I could further leverage them. She was very helpful in sharing various presentation and communication models and provided simple frameworks (i.e. preparing for speeches, repetitive 3 cycle, etc), which I am now using to give even more structured, more convincing, and better presentations and speeches. Jean also used some pretty creative techniques (my favorite: watch myself presenting on video with no sound!) where I learned a lot about myself. Above all, I really enjoyed Jean's professional and client-centric approach: she always operated in a very constructive and motivating manner, which, in my opinion is a key ingredient and a necessity to make personal and professional improvements possible. Jean has helped me to improve my presentation skills a lot, and I have learned many important lessons. Florian Huber, Software Architect, itestra GmbH, Germany


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