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Antoni Lacinai

Communication skills trainer

I coach: Managers, sales reps, product managers, project managers etc.

Who want to: Get people to do what you want them to do, by being more convincing when speaking to colleagues, customers, managers etc.

Location: Sweden

Languages: Swedish & English

My favourite presentation tip: "Believe in what you say, and show it"

Background: Hi, I am developing peoples’ communication- and performance skills. I am also a published author, a speaker and a moderator at seminars and conferences, as well as a certified coach. I have always had a great interest in how we people think, feel and communicate. I have three missions: 1. If I can get you to loose just one unnecessary slide, this world be be a better place. 2. I you are a manager, and I can help you involve your staff more, this world will be a better place. 3. If I can help you perform better when meeting other people, this world will be a better place. How does that sound to you?


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