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Rita Rocker

National speaker; communications, career & image consultant, presentations coach and owner of transformation academy, llc

I coach: Business owners and corporate management, mature students, sales staff and business developers, fund raisers, any individual seeking to gain the competitive edge

Who want to: acquire highly effective tools empowering them to become more accomplished communicators, gain greater confidence in business and social skills, project a dynamic professional image, and acquire the resources for a more successful career.

Location: USA, based out of Midwest in Omaha, Nebraska

Languages: English

My favourite presentation tip: "Keep your posture erect yet relaxed, arms open to your audience, breathe deeply and project the body language that says, "I'm passionate and excited to tell you about this!"

Background: Years ago I discovered my passion was to inspire, motivate and equip people from a variety of socio-economic and age groups (professional organizations, corporations, universities, medical centers, non-profits and even pageant training) with powerful tools and inspiring messages that bring life-long results. From being a former Mrs. America contestant to missions in Haiti, all of life's experiences are used to motivate and educate individuals in how to ride that roller coaster of life in hot pursuit and their goals.


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