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George Torok

The speech coach for executives

I coach: CEO’s, professionals and business leaders

Who want to: Deliver million dollar presentations that convey more confidence, persuade more effectively and get the presenter asked to present again.

Location: Toronto, Canada

Languages: English

My favourite presentation tip: Be clear on the purpose of your presentation. Ask yourself, “What do you want your audience to think, feel or do after the presentation?

Background: Skill not Talent I was a shy student. Public Speaking didn’t come easy for me. I studied the principles of communication and learned the techniques of effective presentations. I invested more than 10,000 hours and thousands of dollars in the development of my presentation skills. I’m an analytical type which means that my keen eye, sharp eye and creative mind allows me to get into the minds of your audience. That means that I understand your perspective as a presenter and can instruct you how to present and clearly explain why. Substance My bestselling book, Secrets of Power Marketing is published in at least seven countries. My material has been published in more that a dozen other books. I’ve written over 500 articles that have been published in hundreds of publications around the world. Perspective As host of the weekly radio show, Business in Motion, I’ve interviewed over 450 business leaders. After 20 years of corporate management I launched my own business. I’ve visited over 34 countries. Results “You demonstrated to us how to cut a 60-minute rambling presentation into a clear, concise and focused presentation that helped us secure a #10 million project.” Sam Kohn, President, Kubik


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