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Katie Stroud

Learning strategist

I coach: Training Professionals, Virtual Presenters and Technical Speakers

Who want to: focus on learning audiences who must be engaged if they are to remember anything, virtual audiences who need to "see" your virtual body language and audiences who need clarity on technical topics

Location: Seattle, United States

Languages: English

My favourite presentation tip: "You only have 3 minutes to get their attention."

Background: Katie Stroud authors engaging e-learning courses for leading technical companies with international audiences, founded a private Toastmasters club in Seattle, and is a budding entrepreneur. Katie’s specialty is in virtual presentation where your slides play as big a role as you do. Her coaching focuses on the whole experience—the voice, the energy, the visual cues. Her background is in training where engaging the audience is vital to success. Katie is learning strategist to 1080 Group, a training and coaching firm helping executives design and deliver interactive webinar presentations and programs. The 1080 Group team has a collective experience that includes hundreds of clients, thousands of web seminars, and more than a million web seminar attendees.