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Dale Klein

Corporate communication & speech specialist

I coach: Motivated business professionals

Who want to: Further their success by honing their skills in delivering presentations, networking, interviewing, and conducting meetings with internal as well as external customers, both in-person as well as virtually.

Location: New York, USA

Languages: English and conversational Spanish

My favourite presentation tip: "Every time you move your lips, you’re a public speaker so you always want to be prepared to communicate with polish and professionalism."

Background: Selecting the right coach is essential to your ongoing success. Here is what I offer: I am formally trained as a Speech & Language Pathologist and practiced as a clinician in schools, clinics and hospitals in California and New York. From there I moved on to healthcare management where I was responsible for day-to-day operations of rehabilitation departments and a medical practice. In search of a fulfilling career, I ultimately became an entrepreneur in 1994 and have assisted a wide array of professionals just like you, to achieve their communication goals. My clients include accountants, architects, bankers, clergy, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, professors, scientists and more. What they have in common is the desire to strengthen their professional image and increase their impact in order to have a competitive edge in business. In addition to private coaching, I conduct webinars, workshops, podcasts and keynotes and have been featured monthly on FOX News since 2007. Clients also benefit from my book (Marriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, and Make It Last) as well as my CDs, DVDs and e-book, which provide invaluable tools to sharpen your communication. In conclusion, selecting me as your speech coach is...A Sound Investment


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