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Connie Miller

Communication consultant & speech coach

I coach: policymakers, executives, entrepreneurs, attorneys and professional women

Who want to: increase their leadership capacity through confident, compelling, and entertaining speeches. They use my services to help them strengthen their brand and be much more effective. Together we develop all aspects of their communication platform including speaking, meeting strategy and facilitation, team development, and the writing of articles, blogs, books.

Location: Seattle, USA

Languages: English

My favourite presentation tip: "breathe" and "talk with one person at a time, through a whole sentence or phrase"

Background: Raised by my parents, an artist and a salesman, I started out as a professional actress, graduate of the famed Carnegie Mellon University Theatre Department, joyfully playing Shakespearean heroines and in experimental plays. When my daughter was a infant I looked for a way to use my skills during the day and received a grant to coach attorneys and prepare witnesses for trial. Branching out into alternative dispute management, I became a communication consultant to corporations and tribal governments seeking to come to a mutual understanding around natural resource protection and management in high stakes negotiations in Washington State related to timber harvesting, water quality and quantity and salmon habitat. From there I expanded to work with transportation, power and park planning, facilitating multi-party teams. At the same time I developed my artistic skills, working on finely crafted interior furnishings by commission. During the last ten years, drawing on my theatre, mediation & art backgrounds, I have focused on helping emerging and seasoned leaders communicate their vision in a myriad of ways including speaking and writing. I teach workshops in Seattle as well as coach my clients one-to-one wherever they are in the world, either in person or via Skype. My six-month program for professional women, Great Women Speakers, is in its 7th year. Probono activities this year include coaching leaders in non-profits and homeless teenagers. I have worked with clients in Russia and in Ecuador. My passion is freeing the intelligence and spirit of my clients so they can communicate with power, candor and flair.


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