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We work with experienced presentation and communication experts, each with a different focus. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced presenter, pick someone who has experience working with your target audience, and get to work.

Choose from a wide range of industry professionals:

Sarah Lee Beaven

Business and personal coach and trainer who specializes in effective communication

I coach: Corporate Leaders/ Professionals and Retail sales consultants and managers, Workshop facilitators and coaches. Male and Female. www.successcoachforwomen. com

Who want to: improve their communication/speaking skills and increase their confidence in inspiring their teams, lead meetings/workshops for impact, results and involvement, and/or want to present a product or service using the "art of engagement".

Lilly Beerman

Management and employee development specialist

I coach: Managers, Project Leaders, Technical Specialists

Who want to: present effectively to small to medium-size audiences (5-30 people), especially within an international context

Javier Bernad

Ceo speak & span, the training center for public speaking skills

I coach: CEOs and senior managers

Who want to: break their barriers to public speaking

Bjørn Clasen

Career, creativity and communication coach

I coach: international organisation employees and job-seekers (for example the European Union); small and big entrepreneurs; actors and speakers

Who want to: become even better and more confident in their presentations, or give in-a-nutshell presentations for audiences who have little time.

Mike Consol

Public speaking and powerpoint presentation skills coach

I coach: English-speaking executives, managers, sales and business development professionals, and anyone else whose professional career depends on the ability to speak with power and persuasion.

Who want to: acquire the ability to command a room, influence audience members, become master storytellers, and make themselves unforgettable.

Roger Courville

Founding partner, chief training guy

I coach: professionals making virtual presentations

Who want to: delivering engaging educational presentations with an outcome of influence or change

Matt Gambino

Professional speaker & trainer

I coach: Sales, marketing, and technical software executives.

Who want to: Provide technical sales presentations and software demonstrations that are easy to understand, engaging to watch, and that increase the bottom line.

Hugh Graham

The bid coach - "training you to win"

I coach: Senior business directors & executives and sales personnel

Who want to: People who want to communicate professionally, confidently and memorably.

Peter Hall

Presentation coach

I coach: Beginners and professionals

Who want to: improve their self confidence, personal impact and ability to convince others.

Jean Hooks

Executive coach, presentation skills & communications coach

I coach: CEOs, Senior Executives, Directors, Expatriates, Local Executives in International Organizations and Entrepreneurs

Who want to: become even more successful in how they drive their business, motivate their teams, negotiate through transactions, influence people, manage conflicts and express themselves effectively in either formal presentations or daily communications.

Sedef Kabas

Communication coach, speech trainer, tv journalist

I coach: CEOs, executives, professionals

Who want to: present powerful speeches, express themselves eloquently and take advantage of TV interviews to tell their story

Dale Klein

Corporate communication & speech specialist

I coach: Motivated business professionals

Who want to: Further their success by honing their skills in delivering presentations, networking, interviewing, and conducting meetings with internal as well as external customers, both in-person as well as virtually.

Antoni Lacinai

Communication skills trainer

I coach: Managers, sales reps, product managers, project managers etc.

Who want to: Get people to do what you want them to do, by being more convincing when speaking to colleagues, customers, managers etc.

Pauline le Rûtte

Presentation and mediatrainer

I coach: Professionals such as; CEO's, advisors, sales people

Who want to: translate their knowledge into a engaging and convincing presentation

Mairi Mchaffie

Presentation and communication skills coach

I coach: CEOs, Organisational Leaders and Senior Civil Servants

Who want to: unleash their personal potential and improve their delivery of key messages, engage fully with their audience and gain “buy in” from staff or delegates

Connie Miller

Communication consultant & speech coach

I coach: policymakers, executives, entrepreneurs, attorneys and professional women

Who want to: increase their leadership capacity through confident, compelling, and entertaining speeches. They use my services to help them strengthen their brand and be much more effective. Together we develop all aspects of their communication platform including speaking, meeting strategy and facilitation, team development, and the writing of articles, blogs, books.

Michael Moesslang

International keynote-speaker, coach, trainer and author – „the hitchcock of presentation“ and owner of presensation® institute

I coach: Executives, Managers, CEOs, Self-Employed Professionals

Who want to: give convincing and fascinating speeches and presentations internationally or on the German speaking market

Haydn Pound

Director - oemd consulting

I coach: Executive MBA students, Senior executives

Who want to: Enhance strategic outcomes in their organisations. Lead more effectively, including better communication with staff and customers. Interact more effectively in China.

Rita Rocker

National speaker; communications, career & image consultant, presentations coach and owner of transformation academy, llc

I coach: Business owners and corporate management, mature students, sales staff and business developers, fund raisers, any individual seeking to gain the competitive edge

Who want to: acquire highly effective tools empowering them to become more accomplished communicators, gain greater confidence in business and social skills, project a dynamic professional image, and acquire the resources for a more successful career.

Arthur Sevenstern

Presentation specialist

I coach: Management teams & senior executives

Who want to: or maybe even need to persuade their audience better with their presentations. (ie sales needing higher closing rates, CEO’s wanting better motivated staff, CFO’s needing their MT to act better upon the current financial situation, etc.)

Paddy Spruce

Keynote speaker, workshop presenter and speaking coach.

I coach: Managers, workshop presenters, professional trainers along with anyone who wants to get past the nerves of public speaking.

Who want to: become more professional in passing on their information or message to larger groups of people in a way that is memorable and enjoyable for them and their audience.

Katie Stroud

Learning strategist

I coach: Training Professionals, Virtual Presenters and Technical Speakers

Who want to: focus on learning audiences who must be engaged if they are to remember anything, virtual audiences who need to "see" your virtual body language and audiences who need clarity on technical topics

George Torok

The speech coach for executives

I coach: CEO’s, professionals and business leaders

Who want to: Deliver million dollar presentations that convey more confidence, persuade more effectively and get the presenter asked to present again.

Kelly Vandever

Professional speaker and trainer

I coach: Leaders, sales professional, and subject matter experts (information technologists, medical professionals, lawyers, scientist) who speak to those outside their area of expertise

Who want to: present in a way that connects an important message to their audiences and results in desired business outcomes

Phil Waknell

Partner, ideas on stage

I coach: Executives, entrepreneurs & sales directors

Who want to: create and deliver powerful presentations to inspire, convince, and earn respect.

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