presentationgym for my organisation

The Bad News

The American Society Training & Development estimates that U.S. organizations spent $171.5 billion on employee learning and development in 2010 yet studies suggest that between 50%-90% of all training budgets are wasted (Georgenson, 1982, Saks, 2002). That’s at least $62 billion spent with no learning effect whatsoever. It is not surprising therefore that “increasing the effectiveness of training programs” has become the No. 1 development priority of companies.(Training Magazines 2010 Industry Report).

At presentationgym 100% of people who workout with us improve their communication skills. 82% improve “a lot”. How do we do it? Through focused practice and individual feedback. Our clients who work out, stand out.

The Good News

Our clients are interested in dramatically raising the level of their employee presentation skills so that they can efficiently communicate with and influence clients, customers and colleagues. They also understand that they have a diverse workforce and that the impact of 1:1 coaching will be greater for each individual. By partnering with presentationgym and an expert coach who understands your business or target audience, real behavioural change becomes possible.

  • Simple web based interface (no software to download)
  • Employees work out in their own time, when they need to
  • Access to international coaches from anywhere in the world
  • Measurable success and Return on Investment (ROI)

Working with presentationgym

We understand that each organisation is different, and there is no “one size fits all” solution. We therefore pride ourselves on providing our clients with tailored solutions which meet their individual needs. presentationgym can be easily customised to complement your current training investment. We can also train your existing coaches to provide feedback using presentationgym.